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25 June 2010 @ 12:55 am
Don't be careful, don't be clever--when you see your wish persue!  
Soooo apparently I haven't posted on Livejournal in a while. Like, a LONG while, as per ush (ushe? is there a way to spell just the first syllable of "usual"? So I guess I'll just do a quick rundown of random stuff.

A week before I left for Austin, I watched "Adam", about a man with, Asperger's, and then this play "Oliver Parker!" with John Larroquette the next day (both of which were very worthwhile), the combination of which made me much more neurotic about my...character? personality? mannerisms? Whatever it is, I'm hoping that being so far away from almost everyone I know helps me stop...whatever it is I do. Helps me evolve.

The drive across the country was fairly uneventful...which was good, seeing as I was driving 2200 miles in a car with 240,000 miles on it. I slept in the car one night, which I justified because, legally, you need to do that at least once if you're driving cross-country. I'm not sure when it happened, possibly as I was going through Ohio, but WHAM there were certainly a lot of Christian billboards out there. I can't think of ANY in New England. Also someone honked angrily at me and gave me the finger in Tennessee because of my Obama stickers. So that was fun.

I visited the glorious Creation Museum in Kentucky, where museum security saw my bumper stickers and asked (in the nicest tone possible, I must stress) "Are you for or against us?", to which I hastily answered "I'm not sure!", which was somewhat a lie, except that I am not against their right to be all kinds of wrong about whatever they damn well please. While inside the museum, I discovered, among other things, the Sin of Eden lead directly to:
  • Starving africans
  • Timber wolves
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Concentration camps
  • Labor pains
  • Tornadoes
  • Heroin
  • Arlington
I couldn't tell if anyone was there just to laugh like I was, which I think made it all even un-funnier than it would have been otherwise.

Anyway, I got into Austin on Saturday and haven't done too too much yet. I have my own sublet already, until mid-August, and it's really cool! Right off UT campus, very walkable, , I have a little walkway/patio thing. I saw "Toy Story 3" at this cinema called the Alamo Drafthouse, which features in-movie food-service (as in, someone will actually bring you beer or popcorn or whatever you want THROUGHOUT THE FILM), and does things like show Jaws in the middle of Lake Travis (sold out) and all sorts of crazy stuff. So I'm definitely going back there. And from what little I've seen, that is not that uncommon a vibe.

While I was driving through Pennsylvania, it suddenly hit me--holy shit. I am actually not going to live in New England any more. This is really happening. And I guess it's the type of thing that you realize in different degrees as things progress (I don't even think there was a definitive moment when I decided to move to Austin). And maybe if I was being completely honest with myself I would say I should have mulled it over a bit more, or at least done more research. But oh well. I'm here, and I'm gonna find a job doing something, meet people somehow, be open to new things, cook crazy dishes, talk to pretty women, and just figure things out. If I can trick myself in to doing all that, I guess I'll be okay.
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