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21 October 2011 @ 01:03 pm
If you didn't talk you'd be a hell of a guy/You're a 10 but you couldn't even count that high  
Helena has, once again, informed me that I, once again, have not been keeping up my online journaling duties (not to mention my sporadic offline journaling duties) which is UNACCEPTABLE as neither Twitter nor Facebook allow for much more then short, general statements. Or somesuch. SO!

I'm doing okay, overall, I suppose. I'm really enjoying my paralegal course, though it's hard to believe I'm halfway done with it (it only meets for six weekends). I've applied to a part-time internship with the state justice department, and I guess the plan is either I complete the internship and use that experience to get a job in New York, DC, etc, or, if I don't get it, to just learn how to network my way into a job in New York, DC, etc. So...a plan! We shall see how that goes. As to the medium term, I suppose that I'll take the LSAT and use whatever paralegal experience I can get to determine if I want to continue on that path.

Outside the class...again, nothing's going on. There was a conversation on NPR's Talk Of The Nation a few days ago dealing with how the way you live and where you live influence your happiness, and among those issues, among the fact that a long commute is incredibly detrimental to your wellbeing (which my brother Alden, who commutes from DC to Dulles International Airport knows far too well) and people who live in cities overall are happier than those who don't was a suggestion that you need a good six or so hours of social interaction a day to be happy. And I feel like I get on the average workday maybe three, most of which is spent with customers so it's hard to say how to categorize that. On non-work days...I'm not sure. BASICALLY I just need to work harder on that...somehow. I had what started like a promising conversation on OK Cupid last month, with someone who was attractive and creative and smart, but even though she said she was interested in me and just really busy with classes, it didn't feel like she was interested at all, conversation-wise. I don't know. I just am lonely. But I guess I just need to work on that as well?

Anyway, I need to buy a black light for Other Tiger's Halloween display—Poe, Lovecraft and The Passage could stand to look eerier, I must say. Cheers!
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Current Music: "Shut Up And Get Naked" The Gender Benders